The Hotel School, Haldwani


Amit Pal Ji

19 January 2017

Uttarakhand is a new state and there is dire need to popularize its art, beauty and education to expose in-house talent and skills of people to the outside world hence it is developing new educational institution in every sector of education notable among is the development of HOTEL MANAGEMENT COLLEGES IN UTTARAKHAND to expose its hidden talent of Hospitality.

Hotel Management College in Uttarakhand

THE HOTEL SCHOOL, HALDWANI is one of the leading hotel management colleges in Uttarakhand located in prime location of Haldwani believes in all round development. The expertise of THE HOTEL SCHOOL, HALDWANI prepares the students to tackle the most complicated situations. Having begun cautiously THE HOTEL SCHOOL, HALDWANI is in a position today, where others envy. THE HOTEL SCHOOL, HALDWANI believes that "Our students are our assets & we have left no stone unturned in giving them a refined and sophisticated silhouette".

At THE HOTEL SCHOOL, HALDWANI we go beyond academic syllabi, treating them as minimum targets rather than as ultimate ends and emphasize on "LEARNING FOR LIFE". We would not like to see our college merely as an institution that conducts courses, but as a recourse to the invaluable hospitality resource.

Hotel Management Course in Uttarakhand

Education is the process of facilitating learning, or the acquisition of knowledge , skills, values, beliefs and habits. The methodology and content may change time to time but the goal remains same. This even can be seen in Hospitality education which undergoes various changes from time to time. Devbhoomi Uttarakhand is also not untouched from such educational changes as a result one can find "N" number of Hotel Management Courses in Uttarakhand.

At THE HOTEL SCHOOL, HALDWANI we are constantly reviewing our courses and set up to update and improve while making sure that students gain thinking skills, analytical frameworks, interpersonal and communication skills which will be advantageous to them in the future. We also ensure to provide students with a supportive and welcoming environment in which they will be encouraged to develop themselves personally and professionally. We prepare students for a bright and positive future in the world of work or of further study in terms of Hospitality.

The Practical laboratories have been setup not only according to the syllabus, but also with the state-of-the-art equipment. The Hotel Management course at The Hotel School, Haldwani is probably the only course having Research and Development involved motivating the undergraduate students towards research activities. THS campus consists of huge class rooms, well equipped Kitchen and restaurant laboratories, fully fledged library, computer center with latest systems, software’s and internet facilities and the pleasant atmosphere.

The well designed curriculum of THE HOTEL SCHOOL, HALDWANI provides a small flavor of the very special atmosphere which it a unique college to study.