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Be a Housekeeper…………Bring out a change!!

Purnima Verma

09 Feb 2016

Try to remember the last time you went for a trip with your friends to a beautiful location. You stayed at a hotel and made a mess out of your guestroom. You went for sightseeing and when you came back you were expecting the same dirty room but you were surprised to see a clean and clutter free room which invited you to enjoy the luxury of the room with the greatest level of comfort. Who is this magician who did this to your room? So this person who does wonders to your room with the special power to turn around the room should be acknowledged as the housekeeper of your hotel who has taken the responsibility to clean every bit of mess what we do to the hotel rooms.

These are those workers who go unnoticed every day as we believe it’s their job to clean. But let’s take a minute here and ponder over some facts here, the housekeepers put in their greatest efforts to provide us with greatest comfort in the room in comparison with the minimal wages earned by them for this job. BUT TIMES ARE CHANGING NOW………………..

Housekeeping being the major revenue earning department involves a good management of expenses as it involves major departments like laundry which involves high expenses in the operation cost. Cleaning supplies and materials are also an expense in the housekeeping department. This proves that the fact that most of the housekeepers play a very crucial role by taking calculative steps every day and to maintain their departmental budget every day. Many new technologies have been discovered and adopted by many reputed hotels for making the tiresome work of housekeeping department easy.

Looking at the work practices of the housekeepers from the perspective of ergonomics, the housekeepers are trained regularly to maintain their good health by practicing correct work procedures. By maintaining a good work standard, housekeeping department can keep many hazards away from the hotel. Housekeeping cleans and maintains the corridors in order to keep these areas clutter free for the staff. If this is not done by the housekeeper and the passages are not well maintained then there are high possibilities of injuries caused to employees at the workplace. If the spillages are not cleaned by the housekeeping department then the workers of the company are more likely to meet with accidents.

Similar to these there could be many other work hazards which are washed away by the housekeeping department everyday in order to maintain the overall health and hygiene of all the employees working in the workplace.

Hotels are opening new avenues for the housekeepers to emerge as leaders in the hotels and appoint them at some of the higher positions in the hotels as Rooms division managers, General Managers etc. Housekeepers with their service provide the guest an opportunity to come back and revisit to relive those memorable days of comfort and luxury in the hotel. Housekeepers need to possess certain basic attributes to meet up to the expectation of their job profile. Caring nature, friendly attitude, smile on the face, pleased to serve gesture, flexible, adaptive to work condition are some of the qualities that make the housekeepers exceptional workers. Housekeepers should also be able to communicate with guest in the hotel and ask them for any request as and when required.

It is the greatest opportunity now for the young professionals to enter the field of hospitality through housekeeping field and explore new avenues for themselves in this area. There is a high scope for growth and development in this department which will lead to the growth of not only the professional in this field but also the growth of the hotel as an entity……..